This is a first draft of my C.V/ Portfolio
I tried to make simple and clean
keeping the same theme and colour layouts thought out
I looked at Phil’s selection of good and bad C.V’s
to gain inspiration and guidance for to include and what to avoid.

Here is a older style c.v i did one one field of photography (texture)

In my new c.v i cut down the amount of pages and word count to make it quicker and simpler to read.

sam walker old guide


Mark Kensett

This website straight away feels easy to use, professional looking,

clean and easy to navigate.

There is some quite advanced flash web design on there for example when you change

image the background colour changes to suit the particular image.

it also a has a client personal log in allowing the client their own personal space to send

attachments, emails and get previews for the photographers commissioned work.

Gerrit Buntrock

This is a commercial food photographer

I do like the impressive way the images are displayed but the lack of text (gives a gallery program feel to the website) and overall navigation of the site makes it

a bit confusing and slow running for people with older computers.

here is the images for the texture to picture project which i had problems loading onto my older blog.